Windsor shoot 2015

The club's second open Windsor shoot was held on Sunday the 30th of July 2015. The weather was alright to start with, but at 12:30, bang on forecast, the rain started and didn't stop. Nevertheless there was good shooting - one Cheshire record and four Yorkshire records were broken or set.

Here are the results:
 Open Windsor 2015 results

Field party stalwarts Geoff Taylor and Mick Greenwood:

Best gold from Guy Lazenby. Unfortunately we didn't do best gold...

Jessie Slater's six-gold end at 60 yards:

Low and left:

Arthur Wilkinson, raffle MC extraordinaire:

Under 12 Gent Recurve gold medallist Luca Jaques receives his medal from the Lady Paramount Karly Johnson:

Under 16 Gent Compound gold medallist Bradley Fenton:

Under 18 Lady Barebow gold medallist Rebecca Rush:

Gent Recurve shooting the Short Windsor, Mark Jaques:

Lady Longbow bronze medallist Janice Rose:

Lady Longbow gold medallist Sheila Hudson:

Lady Compound gold medallist Zoe Stead:

Lady Recurve open silver medallist Lin Tavlin:

Lady Recurve overall silver medallist Karly Johnson:

Lady Recurve gold medallist Jessie Slater:

Gent Longbow silver medallist John Ball:

Gent Longbow gold medallist David Whitham:

Gent Barebow silver medallist Steve Challoner:

Gent Barebow gold medallist Charles Mosley:

Gent Compound open silver medallist Matthias Davis:

Gent Compound open gold medallist Guy Lazenby:

Gent Compound overall gold medallist Wayne Evardson:

Gent Recurve open bronze medallist Lewis Slater:

Gent Recurve overall bronze medallist Matt Johnson:

Gent Recurve silver medallist Robert Carney:

Gent Recurve gold medallist Simon Slater:

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