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Clout rounds

In clout, a flag is placed in the ground a certain distance from the shooting line. Different flags may be placed for different genders, age groups and bow types. The scoring zone consists of five concentric circles on the ground around the flag. These may be actual markings on the ground or may be measured after an end is shot, using a marked rope or tape attached to the base of the flag.

Arrows are shot towards the flag. The arrows landing in the scoring zone score points depending on which ring they land in, with the rings nearest the flag scoring higher than those further from the flag.

GNAS rounds use imperial measurements. FITA rounds use metric measurements.

GNAS clout rounds

GNAS rounds can be shot one-way or two-way.
One end of six sighters is permitted each way.
Arrows are shot in ends of six.
A round consists of three dozen arrows.

Shooting distances
Senior ladies140 yards
Senior gentlemen180 yards
Junior ladies under 18120 yards
Junior ladies under 16100 yards
Junior ladies under 1380 yards
Junior gentlemen under 18140 yards
Junior gentlemen under 16120 yards
Junior gentlemen under 14100 yards
Junior gentlemen under 1280 yards

Scoring zone distances from flag
 18 inches5 points
 3 feet4 points
 6 feet3 points
 9 feet2 points
 12 feet1 point

Bow categories
recurve freestyle
recurve barebow
compound limited
compound unlimited

FITA clout rounds

FITA rounds can only be shot one-way.
Six sighters are permitted.
Arrows are shot as either two ends of three, or one end of six.
A round consists of three dozen arrows.

Shooting categories and distances
Women recurve125 metres
Men recurve165 metres
Women compound165 metres
Men compound185 metres

Scoring zone distances from flag
 1.5 metres5 points
 3.0 metres4 points
 4.5 metres3 points
 6.0 metres2 points
 7.5 metres1 point

Clout classifications

The Northern Counties Archery Society administers a national Tassel Award scheme which shows the relative ability of clout shooters.

Rules of Tassel Award scheme

Awards will be applicable to Double One/Two Way Clouts for Gents, Ladies, Junior Gents and Junior Ladies. There are separate schemes for GNAS clouts and FITA clouts.

The Tournament shall be organised in accordance with GNAS Rules of Shooting and be an Open Tournament.

The Tournament Organiser shall make requests for Tassel Award Status to NCAS at least 6 months prior to the event on the approved application form. If the Tournament is also to be a record status shoot, then GNAS Rule 700(b) applies.

To cover administration costs a registration fee will be paid to NCAS (cheque made payable to Andrew Neal) by the body organising the shoot. This will be based on a nominal fee per entry, decided and indicated in advance by NCAS. The Tournament Organiser can then pass this back to the archers in the form of a surcharge within the entry fee. The Tournament Organiser shall, after the shoot, forward to NCAS a copy of the results list indicating the total number of entries and the associated fee for hosting the shoot.

The tournament shall be advertised as a "Tassel" shoot.

Archers claiming an award shall register their score with the Tournament Organiser on an authorised claim form. The form accompanied by the archer's original score sheet and a copy of the Results List both signed by the Tournament Organiser to NCAS for verification and issue of awards. An ad-hoc check of GNAS Membership Registrations will be made from time to time by the administrator of the scheme with GNAS Headquarters.

Archers achieving a score in the following bands shall be awarded the following badges. Badges will only be awarded for the score achieved:

Tassel Awards
for scores on Double GNAS Clout rounds
Badge colourScore bands
White 25 - 4950 - 7475 - 12475 - 124
Black 50 - 7475 - 99125 - 174125 - 174
Blue 75 - 99100 - 124175 - 199175 - 224
Red 100 - 124125 - 149200 - 224225 - 274
Gold 125 - 149150 - 174225 - 249275 - 299
Purple 150 +175 +250 +300 +

Metric Tassel Awards
for scores on Double FITA Clout rounds
Badge colourScore bands
White 75 - 124125 - 174175 - 224175 - 224
Black 125 - 174175 - 224225 - 274225 - 274
Blue 175 - 199225 - 249275 - 299275 - 299
Red 200 - 224250 - 274300 - 324300 - 324
Gold 225 - 249275 - 299325 - 349325 - 349
Purple 250 +300 +350 +350 +

An individual archer is eligible to claim using all bow types. Once having gained an award at a higher grade with a particular bow type, an archer may not, when at a later shoot, claim for a lower grade using the same bow type.

Junior Tassel Award. The score bands for awards shall be the same as for the senior awards. Claims can be made if:

All claims must be made before leaving the Tournament field. Altered score sheets which have not been initialled by the Judge will invalidate the claim.

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