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Here are some links to archery-related websites.

Yorkshire clubs

Links to the websites of other clubs in Yorkshire.

Yorkshire clubs Archery clubs in Yorkshire.


Regional, national and international archery associations.

Yorkshire organisations

The Society of Archers One of the oldest organisations in archery, the Society holds the annual Antient Scorton Silver Arrow tournament.

UK national organisations

Archery GB (the Grand National Archery Society) The FITA-affiliated governing body for archery in the UK.
GNAS field The field archery section of the GNAS.
English Archery Federation The EAF selects and manages the England archery team at all Home Nations events, and hosts English championship and Home Nations events,
National Field Archery Society A field archery organisation covering the whole of the UK, specialising in unmarked 3D and paper animal rounds.
English Field Archery Association The IFAA-affiliated governing body for field archery in England.
Scottish Field Archery Association The IFAA-affiliated governing body for field archery in Scotland.
Welsh Field Archery Association The IFAA-affiliated governing body for field archery in Wales.
British Longbow Society An organisation that aims at promoting and preserving the recreational use of the traditional English longbow.
UKSAA The United Kingdom Student Archery Association.
British Blind Sports Archery The organisation for blind and partially sighted archers.
British Wheelchair Archery Association The organisation for wheelchair archers.
UK Sport A Government initiative aimed at leading the UK to sporting excellence.

Irish national organisations

Irish Amateur Archery Association The FITA-affiliated governing body for target archery in Ireland.
Irish Field Archery Federation The IFAA-affiliated governing body for field archery in the whole of Ireland.

International organisations

Fédération Internationale de Tir à l'Arc (FITA) International governing body for archery, recognised by the International Olympic Committee.
European and Mediterranean Archery Union Organisation for archery in Europe and the Mediterranean.
International Field Archery Association Organisation for field archery throughout the world.

UK regions

EMAS East Midlands Archery Society
GWAS Grand Western Archery Society
NCAS Northern Counties Archery Society
NIAS Northern Ireland Archery Society
SAA Scottish Archery Association
SCAS Southern Counties Archery Society
WAA Welsh Archery Association
WMAS West Midlands Archery Society

UK counties

Bedfordshire Bedfordshire County Archery Association
Berkshire Berkshire Archery Association
Buckinghamshire Buckinghamshire Archery Association
Cambridgeshire Cambridgeshire Archery Association
Cheshire Cheshire Archery Association
Cumbria Cumbria County Archery Association
Derbyshire Derbyshire County Archery Association
Devon and Cornwall Devon and Cornwall Archery Society
Dorset and Wiltshire Dorset and Wiltshire Archery Association
Durham and Northumberland Durham and Northumberland Archery Association
Dyfed Dyfed Archers
(No website) East of Scotland Archery Association
Essex and Suffolk Essex County Archery Association - also covers Suffolk
Glamorgan Glamorgan Archery Association
Gloucestershire Gloucestershire Archery Society
(No website) Gwent County Archery Association
Hampshire Hampshire Archery Association
Herefordshire Herefordshire Archery Association
Hertfordshire Hertfordshire Archery Association
Isle of Man Isle of Man Archery Association
Kent Kent Archery Association
Lancashire Lancashire Archery Association
Leicestershire & Rutland Leicestershire & Rutland County Archery Association
Lincolnshire Lincolnshire County Archery Society
London County of London Archery Association
Middlesex Middlesex County Archery Association
Norfolk Norfolk Archery Association
(No website) North of Scotland Archery Association
Northamptonshire Northamptonshire County Archery Society
North Wales North Wales Archery Association
Nottinghamshire Nottinghamshire Archery Society
Oxfordshire County of Oxford Archery Society
Powys Powys Archery Association
Shropshire Shropshire Archery Society
Somerset Somerset County Archery Association
Staffordshire Staffordshire Archery Association
Surrey County of Surrey Archery Association
Sussex Sussex County Archery Association
Warwickshire County Of Warwick Archery Association
(No website) West of Scotland Archery Association
Worcestershire County of Worcestershire Archery Association
Yorkshire Yorkshire Archery Association


Some of the Web's better and busier archery discussion forums. Registration is free, but subject to rules of usage. Each board has its own distinct character, so you can soon find a favourite.

Archery Interchange UK This discussion board is the UK's largest online archery community, covering all aspects of archery as practised in the UK.
Archery Talk US-based discussion board - the world's largest. Especially good for compound shooters and traditional archers.


Advice on equipment, tuning, form and all aspects of archery.

The Archer's Reference Written by Murray Elliot for the Balbardie and Grange clubs, this is the best "how to" guide for recurve shooters.
Easton Archery The world's leading arrow manufacturer. Download the Easton Arrow Tuning and Maintenance Guide - an absolutely essential reference work.
Barebow A resource for barebow shooters.
Tenzone A useful collection of archery resources.
Texas State Archery Association A huge repository of resources from a notably successful organisation.
Mayflower Archers tournament calendar Mayflower Archers of Billericay, Essex, maintain a calendar of archery tournaments in the UK.
KSL International The web page of the USA's top coach, Ki Sik Lee. Lots of useful information about form and execution.
Arrow misflight causes From Cranford Archery Club, this is a quick guide to the things that can send arrows where you didn't want them. Good for tracking down problems in your equipment or shooting style.


Where to get your gear.

Aardvark Archery Local archery shop, for all your needs. Very friendly shop with great service. Happy to take orders over the phone and mail the goods to you. Good for second-hand bows.
Quicks Britain's largest archery dealer. Good mail-order catalogue and on-line shopping facilities. Great for hard-to-find items.
Alternative Sporting Services Online and mail-order archery specialists, with a nice on-line store. Usually has the lowest price. Very speedy service and delivery.
Archery World Preston-based store with a good mail-order facility and on-line store. Nice indoor shooting range too, if you can get there.
Merlin Archery Centre A major archery retailer based in Loughborough, linked to a leading UK archery manufacturer. Excellent reputation.
Arrowhead UK Manufactures a wide range of archery accessories, and can custom-make items such as chest guards and quivers to your specifications. Arrowhead UK is linked to Arrowhead Target Faces, makers of tough FITA-approved targets.
The Longbow Shop Manufacturer and retailer of everything longbow-related.
Archery Sports USA American store with a great selection of equipment and good online ordering facilities.


Websites of archery magazines.

Archery Focus. Leading US archery publication covering all forms of archery. Some free on-line content.
Primitive Archer. US magazine focussing on traditional archery. Lots of on-line content.
The Glade. Leading British archery publication. Covers all forms of archery, but is particularly strong on traditional archery.

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