Spotlight 2010

Team Phoenix - represented by Rebecca Dodd, Mike Holgate and Tim Mason - launched a daring raid on the Spotlight 600 shoot, hosted by Bronte Archers on Saturday the 13th of February 2010. We grabbed a spectacular haul of pie and peas. At least, Mike H and Steve Dodd did - Tim doesn't like mushy peas so just had the pie, and Becca doesn't care for either peas or "lucky bag" pies. Becca decided to have a medal instead.

Photos by Tim Mason.

Bronte President Lez Newsome

The sun goes down. So does the temperature:

Becca's fists of fury:

Last-minute tinkering:

Team Phoenix ready for action, Tim cunningly hiding behind the camera:

So why's it called the Spotlight shoot?

"Nine and seven"

"...oh flaming heck..."

Falling on my head like a memory:

One of your five-a-day:

Bex, junior ladies champion:

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