Roy Pointing

Roy Pointing was a member of one of our neighbours, the now-defunct Whitcliffe Mount Archers of Cleckheaton. We used to have a three-way tournament between Whitcliffe Mount, St Ives (now Aire Valley Archers) and Phoenix.

When Roy died, his archery equipment was passed to his friend Steve Jaikens. Steve donated this equipment to the Phoenix Bowmen, and it's now being put to good use for introducing our beginners to proper archery gear.

Photos by Steve Jaikens and Tim Mason.

Roy in action with the bow:

Green Horn Phoenix take-down recurve, with all the trimmings:

Phoenix? Good name for anything archery-related:

The limb butts include bushings for screwing in top and bottom rods. Leading US manufacturer Hoyt is currently trying to patent the exact same idea!

Craftsman-made in Belgium:

Roy with the Antient Scorton Silver Arrow - he loved the Scorton Arrow shoot, one of the world's longest-surviving sporting events:

Back when bow stands could support an elephant:

Roy looked after his equipment - these wooden arrows were still in good shooting condition after many years in storage:

Roy and his wife Brenda at their grand daughter's wedding:

Some photos of Whitcliffe Mount Archers shooting:

Note the targets behind the archers. This is a two-way shoot with a set of targets at either end of the field - the archers shoot towards one set of targets, then collect their arrows, turn around and shoot at the other set of targets.

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