Gallery of Robin Hoods

Grahame Cotterill Robin-Hooded one of his arrows. But happily, they both scored 9! Photos by Mike Watson:
Now THAT didn't sound right...

Twang - thunk - twang - thunk - twang - clang!!!

Aerospace-grade scrap metal

Tim Mason Robin-Hooded at 60 yards...
The perils of grouping

...and more spectacularly at 20 yards...
Smile. Come on, stop thinking about how much they cost
Photo by Graham Smith

Is that supposed to fit in there?
Photo by Tim Mason

Nick Crowther had the good sense to smash someone else's arrow:
Peeled like a banana
Photo by Nick Crowther
Photo by Andy King

John Foulds beat us all - his Robin-Hooded arrows scored 10 each!
Expensive hobby
Photo by Jake Greenwood

Nick Crowther wasn't grinning quite so cheesily when it was his own arrow he murdered!
Nick nacked

Nick nacked
Photos by Jake Greenwood

Nick Crowther blew some more aerospace-grade metal during a game of archery darts. Where's Sid Waddell when you need him?
Woooorrrrnn 'undred and CLANG!!!

Only one word for that - magic darts
Photos by Jake Greenwood


Ivan Johnson should call himself Ivanhoe Johnson:
One up the B side
Photo by Wayne Evardson


David King Robin-Hooded in the ten ring, and since this was shot barebow, it's probably the best one achieved at the club. Unfortunately it means he'll need some more arrows, and he was mortified to find that he couldn't trade these in under a scrappage scheme:
Ten blummin quid

Ten blummin quid
Photo by Wayne Evardson


Arthur Wilkinson's arrow got back-ended by Nigel Allan's very expensive X10 at the GreenMan Yorkshire Pudding shoot. It's not recorded whether Arthur let Nigel have his arrow back:

Photos by Kathryn Earnshaw

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