Gallery of lousy shooting

Kath's cable crocheting

Anyone can pass a thread through needle - only Kathryn Earnshaw can do it the other way round:
Splice the mainbrace

Ian's pummelled projectiles

Ian Moorhouse wanted to know how a carbon arrow is constructed, so he deconstructed one, with the aid of a stand:
Pass the Bostik

Shaun's shattered shafts

One of Shaun Brooksbank's arrows caught the stand. Part 1 landed in front of it:
Instalment one

...and the other part 30 yards beyond!
Instalment two

Ivan hits the roof

Top tip from Ivan Johnson - when shooting in an indoor range with a low concrete roof, try not to shoot into the beams:
Not suitable for drilling masonry

Phil Kemp's wall pictures

Phil Kemp found our indoor range somewhat unforgiving:
Bust schnozz

Phil Johnson's cracking shots

Phil Johnson joined the arrow-trashing club with this stylish smash:
Smoked A C C

Tim Mason's trashings

Tim Mason has a habit of trashing his arrows. This one was shot into a metal bolt on a target stand:
Opened like a flower

Here's one that he shot up when he hit it with another of his arrows:

...and here's one that he damaged at a field shoot when he clipped a tree:
Lost an argument with a tree

This was at another field shoot when he misjudged a target's distance and shot into a multi-stemmed shrub:

Don't know where, don't know when, pretty good idea who:

Not content with busting his arrows, the div went to the NCAS/YAA Double FITA in July 2008 and actually shot the flagpole on top of the boss at 90 metres:
Wand splitting

Howard Knowles got a bit over-enthusiastic when pulling one of Tim's arrows out of the boss:
One way to shorten them

Our hero decided he wanted a souvenir from Chorley Bowmen's indoor tournament in February 2009, so he collected some brick dust:
Another way to shorten them

This is/was an Easton A/C/E, one of the more expensive arrows on the market. Clearly money is no object, though the corner of a target stand is:
A bit of gaffer tape and it'll be reet

To be fair, he's capable of a certain level of consistency. The next two A/C/Es he cracked against the woodwork broke in uncannily similar ways:
Double the flavour, double the fun

Now that he's switched to the much more accurate compound bow, things have improved. This one was only in two pieces (just):
All the gear, no idea

All the gear, no idea

At long last, he's learning to trash someone else's arrows instead - Nigel Lloyd was the victim this time:

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