Halloween 2009

Our neighbours Aire Valley Archers held a Halloween shoot on the 31st of October, and invited the Phoenix Bowmen to join in. We sent our scariest members to take them on in a battle of jelly bows and costumes.

Photos provided by Meg Cowley.

More photos, by Gerard Hand of Aire Valley Archers, can be found on Flickr:
 Gerard Hand's photos

Cruella, pride of our alley:

Jo L, Sally M, Andy K, Mike H, Jo H, Mick G, Meg C, David K, Regan D, Doc Iain G:

The very height of Olympic gear:

A tempting bunch of targets:

Ah! I meant these:

Mick Greenwood brings death to foam bosses:

Lost yet happy:

I thought the Devil used a compound bow:

Chairman David came as a scary sheep-worrier:

No make-up necessary:

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