Electric Field

Under pressure from natural forces two people begin an unpredictable journey

Members of the Phoenix Bowmen took part in Electric Field, a production by IOU Theatre with Square Chapel, on the 25th and 26th of July 2009. Electric Field took the two main characters of the play on a journey of discovery. The audience followed, and saw many sights along the way. As well as seeing kite flyers, watercolour painters, mountain bikers and a strange golfing incident, they were startled to find people shooting arrows on Beacon Hill.

Day 1, and the sun beats down on our electric field:

Nick Crowther casts a shadow over Halifax:


Some of the participants - Mike Holgate (expert van unsticker), Nick Crowther (expert mocker of van stuckers), Trevor Williams, Becca Dodd, Mick Greenwood and Andy King. Photo by the van stucker:

Down to business:

Meg Cowley:

Nick showing off:

Kingyroo, Ian Reynolds and David King:

Bex and DK:

Day 2, and it ain't sunshine that's beating down:

Mick Greenwood's arrow caught in flight:

..and Kingyroo's too:

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