Assheton 2010

Assheton Bowmen of Middleton, Manchester, hold an annual shoot for novices - archers with less than two years of experience. Meg Cowley entered the 2010 shoot on the 30th of May, and won the Ladies Recurve title by a convincing margin of 99 points!

Photos by Meg Cowley and Tim Mason.

Meg prepares the shot:

Takes aim:

Back down! There was a very strong and gusty wind throughout the day:

This time:


Heck of a shot - broke the flag pole clean in half:

Despite that, Meg quickly took the lead:


Meg's schmexy bow:

Bows R Us:

Middleton's mock-Tudor residents think a refugee camp has sprung up:

Time for a word search:

Then back to business:

Cogs grind, steam rises, Tim scribbles a number down and hopes for the best:

Meg extends her lead:

The tropies beckon:

Archers from the area fought in the battle of Flodden Field, an event commemorated in this impressive window:

Meg steps up... claim the Ladies Recurve title:


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