Floodlit shoot 2015

The club's eighth Floodlit Pie & Peas shoot was held on the evening of Saturday the 12th of April 2015. The weather had been horrendous all day, but cleared up just in time for the shoot - we even had sunshine and clear skies later on. Good fun was had, great nosh was scoffed and a Yorkshire record was set.

Here are the results:
 Floodlit 2015 results

Photos by Tim Mason.

Getting serious now - Arthur gets the raffle going:

Tom Lack is awarded the Junior Gent Compound title by the Lady Paramount Eve Newton:

Georgina Hogan, Junior Ladies Recurve Open Champion:

Karly Johnson, Junior Ladies Recurve Club Champion:

Jordon Birks, Junior Gent Recurve Champion shooting the National:

Deborah Waterhouse, Ladies Longbow bronze medallist (done on golds):

Penelope Mowforth, Ladies Longbow silver medallist:

Sheila Hudson, Ladies Longbow Champion:

Tracy Roe, Ladies Barebow Champion:

Renee Metcalfe, Ladies Compound silver medallist:

Vivienne Oxley, Ladies Compound Champion:

Brendan Bourke, Gents Longbow bronze medallist:

Alan Marriott, Gents Longbow silver medallist:

David Whitham, Gents Longbow Champion:

Steve Challoner, Gents Barebow bronze medallist:

Mark Brookes, Gents Barebow silver medallist:

Charles Mosley, Gents Barebow Champion:

John Fell, Gents Compound bronze medallist:

Richard Hudson, Gents Compound silver medallist:

Andy Devanney, Gents Compound Champion:

Ian Metcalfe, Gents Recurve bronze medallist:

Ian Reynolds, Gents Recurve silver medallist:

Richard Wood, Gents Recurve Champion:

Richard Wood won Jelly Babies for best gold:

Tracy Roe won mushy peas for worst white (and Tim Mason won the custard pie for worst focus):

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