Floodlit shoot 2013

The club's sixth Floodlit Pie & Peas shoot was held on the evening of Saturday the 6th of April 2013. The shoot was held, unusually, during British Summer Time, and it actually felt like it! We enjoyed sunshine and warmth against the snow-capped peaks of Queensbury. Four Yorkshire records, one Lancashire record and one Cheshire record were set.

Here are the results:
 Floodlit 2013 results

Photos by Tim Mason.

Welcome to the very depths of winter:

Join in, Phil!

Junior Ladies Recurve winner and new Yorkshire record holder Leia Moorhouse receives her medal from the Lady Paramount Tracey Binns:

Junior Gents Recurve gold medallist Sebastian Shaw:

Junior Gents Barebow silver medallist Alex Whinnie:

Junior Gents Barebow gold medallist and new Yorkshire record holder Oliver Binns:

Ladies Barebow bronze medallist Tracey Binns:

Ladies Barebow silver medallist Kathryn Earnshaw:

Ladies Barebow gold medallist and new Yorkshire record holder Amanda Driffield:

Ladies Compound bronze medallist Debra Allen-Wilkinson:

Ladies Compound silver medallist Amanda Bartram:

Ladies Compound gold medallist and new Yorkshire record holder Tracey McGowan:

Ladies Recurve bronze medallist Joanne Eyles:

Ladies Recurve silver medallist and new Lancashire record holder Kate Hannon:

Ladies Recurve gold medallist Donna Lucas:

Gents Longbow bronze medallist Mik Isaac:

Gents Longbow silver medallist Kris Gent:

Gents Longbow gold medallist Ian Fleming:

Gents Barebow bronze medallist Ben Shaw:

Gents Barebow silver medallist Alan Driffield:

Gents Barebow gold medallist and new Cheshire record holder Steve Newton:

Gents Compound bronze medallist Stephen Wilkinson:

Gents Compound silver medallist Gareth Allen:

Gents Compound gold medallist Will Kempf:

Gents Recurve bronze medallist Richard Wood:

Gents Recurve silver medallist David Thompson:

Gents Recurve gold medallist Dave Campbell:

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