Floodlit shoot 2012

The club's fifth Floodlit Pie & Peas shoot was held on the evening of Saturday the 13th of October 2012. Archers from all over Yorkshire and Lancashire came to shoot a National round and enjoy Nikki's excellent pie and peas. Five Yorkshire records and one Lancashire record were set.

Here are the results:
 Floodlit 2012 results

Photos by Tim Mason.

The visitors pour in:

Daylight? We'll soon see about that!

Ayyyyy! Eve does the Fonz:

Should be a polar bear hat:

Field partying:

After no raffle last time - the best ever raffle!

Food! Food!


Field party members warming up and chilling out:

Junior Ladies Barebow champion Eve Newton, with proud Lady Paramount Nadine Newton:

Junior Ladies Recurve champion Imogen Buck:

Junior Gentleman Barebow silver medallist Oliver Binns:

Junior Gentleman Barebow champion Sebastian Shaw:

Ladies Barebow silver medallist Tracey Binns:

Ladies Barebow champion Kathryn Earnshaw:

Ladies Longbow champion Nadine Newton:

Ladies Compound silver medallist Katie Makepeace:

Ladies Compound champion Amanda Bartram:

Ladies Recurve bronze medallist Joanne Eyles:

Ladies Recurve silver medallist Donna Lucas:

Ladies Recurve champion Alison Stott:

Gentleman Barebow silver medallist David King:

Gentleman Barebow champion Dave Clazy:

Gentleman Longbow bronze medallist Dale Message:

Gentleman Longbow silver medallist M S Christison:

Gentleman Longbow champion Hamish Freeman:

Gentleman Compound bronze medallist Mike Bartram:

Gentleman Compound silver medallist Gareth Allen:

Gentleman Compound champion Will Kempf:

Gentleman Recurve bronze medallist Wayne Evardson:

Gentleman Recurve open bronze medallist Alan Marriot:

Gentleman Recurve silver medallist Richard Wood:

Gentleman Recurve champion Jim Sanderson:

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