Floodlit shoot 2011

Phoenix Bowmen held their fourth Floodlit Pie & Peas shoot on the evening of Saturday the 19th of March 2011, many years after the third such shoot. Archers from as far away as Hull, Rochdale, Mexborough, Barnsley and Selby came to shoot a National round and enjoy Nicky's excellent pie and peas, the best anywhere! Four new Yorkshire records were set.

Here are the results:
 2011 results

Photos by Tim Mason.

The moon decides to sneak a peek:

Amanda Bartram and Ian Reynolds on their way to Yorkshire records:

Anyone can hit a four-foot straw boss at fifty yards - only Phil Johnson has the skill to hit a 6mm rope:


Proper steak pie on a bed of proper mushy peas, with proper liquor, served with proper crockery and cutlery - superb!

Meg Cowley (Tournament Organiser) and Mick Greenwood (Chairman) working out the results:

Liam Golding, junior Gents Compound champion:

Ben Fitton, junior Gents Recurve champion:

India Law, junior Ladies Recurve champion:

Julia Inman, Ladies Longbow champion:

Amanda Bartram, Ladies Compound champion:

Alison Stott, Ladies Recurve bronze medallist:

Gloria Frith, Ladies Recurve silver medallist:

Sheila Dearden, Ladies Recurve champion:

Harrold Middleton, Gents Barebow silver medallist:

Tim Brennan, Gents Barebow champion:

Boleslaw Sawicki, Gents Longbow bronze medallist:

Ian Fleming, Gents Longbow silver medallist:

Brian Maude, Gents Longbow champion:

Mike Bartram, Gents Compound bronze medallist:

Nick Crowther, Gents Compound silver medallist:

"Hang on...Nick!"

"You want the gold one back, do you?"

Will Kempf, Gents Compound champion:

Tony Hall, Gents Recurve bronze medallist:

Russell Reader, Gents Recurve silver medallist:

Ian Reynolds, Gents Recurve champion:

Nighty night all:

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