These are the current costs for membership and club activities.

Item Cost Comments
Six-session beginner's course £50 total for adults, £35 total for juniors The course consists of six sessions, at a total cost of £50 per person aged 18 years or over, or £35 per person aged under 18 years. Payable at the start of the course. Part of this is refundable to people who join the club after completing the beginners course - 20 to seniors, 15 to juniors.
Initial affiliation fee to governing bodies October to December: £45.50 for adults, £27.75 for juniors

January to March: £35.50 for adults, £21.50 for juniors

April to June: £25.50 for adults, £15.25 for juniors

July to September: £15.50 for adults, £9.00 for juniors
The national governing body's fees vary on a pro-rata basis depending on which quarter of the year you join in. The county and regional fees don't vary.

This one-off fee, consisting of subscriptions to the GNAS, YAA and NCAS, is payable when you become a full member of the club. After that, these subscriptions are included in the membership subscription. Membership of these organisations is a condition of membership of the club.
Subscription £110 per year (£55 per half-year) for adults, £50 per year (£25 per half-year) for juniors Payable in half-yearly or annual instalments.

Includes membership of Halifax RUFC, the GNAS, the NCAS and the YAA.

We will usually pro-rata the fee depending on the time of year you join.
Associate membership £30 per year for adults, £15 per year for juniors Available to people who are affiliated to the GNAS through another club or directly, but who wish to shoot with the Phoenix Bowmen without having to arrange the visit in advance or pay a target fee. Associate membership subscription entitles the member to 12 shoots per year - after that they must pay a target fee. Associate members do not have voting rights.
Target fee £3 Available to GNAS members who are not members of the Phoenix Bowmen but want to shoot with us for the day. This is charged per session attended.
Have-a-go £5 per person We occasionally run have-a-go sessions at the club, so people can get a taste of archery before committing themselves to getting involved in the sport.

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