Club Winter Championships 2012

The club held its first-ever Winter Championships on Sunday the 12th of February 2012. A double Frostbite round was shot, and most of us ended up with double Frostbite.

Photos by Tim Mason.

Tom with the world's biggest hand warmer:

Stylish and practical:

Warming up:

And they're off:

Dave Thornton reckons he already knows the result:

See no evil, hear no evil...

Junior Lady Recurve champion Imogen Buck:

Junior Gentleman Recurve champion Tom Wilkinson:

Junior Gentleman Barebow champion Oliver Binns:

Lady Longbow champion Nadine Newton:

Lady Barebow silver medallist Tracey Binns:

Lady Barebow champion Liz Atkins:

Gentleman Longbow champion Boleslaw Sawicki:

Gentleman Recurve bronze medallist Steve Berriff:

Gentleman Recurve silver medallist Jake Greenwood:

Gentleman Recurve champion Dave Thornton:

Overall club winter champion Dave Thornton:

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