Club Championships 2013

The club's championships 2013 were held on Sunday the 25th of August. Excellent weather and even better pasties made for a great day.

Photos by Tim Mason.

David King relives his punk days:

Athlete numbering:

Club President Geoff Taylor with Boleslaw Sawicki:

Performance-enhancing pasties:

The Lady Paramount Eve Newton:

Junior Lady Barebow Champion Eve Newton:

Junior Gentleman Barebow Champion Oliver Binns:

Junior Gentleman Recurve Champion Seb Shaw:

Overall Junior Champion, and Handicap Champion, Eve Newton:

Lady Longbow Champion Nadine Newton:

Lady Barebow silver medallist Liz Atkins:

Lady Barebow Champion Kathryn Earnshaw:

Lady Recurve silver medallist Leanne Morton:

Lady Recurve Champion Meg Cowley:

Gentleman Visually-Impaired Champion Barry Hanson:

Gentleman Longbow silver medallist Ian Moorhouse:

Gentleman Longbow Champion Boleslaw Sawicki:

Gentleman Barebow bronze medallist Shaun Brooksbank:

Gentleman Barebow silver medallist David King:

Gentleman Barebow Champion Dave Clazy:

Gentleman Compound Champion Wayne Evardson:

Gentleman Recurve bronze medallist Mick Greenwood:

Gentleman Recurve silver medallist Andy Newton:

Gentleman Recurve Champion David Thornton:

The Nick Crowther Memorial Trophy for best gold at the longer distance - Wayne Evardson:

The Stan Broadbent Memorial Trophy for best gold at the shorter distance - Steve Atkins:

The Wooden Spoon for worst white at the shorter distance - Derek Shaw:

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