Club Championships 2011

The club's championships 2011 were held Sunday the 21st of August. The weather was excellent, good scores were shot, and vast amounts of bling were awarded.

Photos by Tim Mason.

Shaun looks for woodies that haven't sprouted buds:

Grahame addresses the troops:


Longbow men:

The flag drops:

Shaun Brooksbank hit a 9 with his first arrow. Unfortunately...

Grahame keeping track of best golds:

The crowd goes wild:

I can and I will!


Must. Not. Shoot. The. Spare.

A bit small for sacrificing a hecatomb of bulls to Apollo, but it might do some burgers:

Tracey hits a four:

Meg's arrow caught in flight:



How an athlete refuels:

The Precious Things:

Under 12 Champion and overall Junior Champion Shaun Kelly receives his awards from the Lady Paramount, Tracey Binns:

Under 14 Champion Oliver Binns:

Lady Barebow Champion Tracey Binns:

Lady Recurve Champion Meg Cowley:

Gentleman Barebow Champion David King:

Gentleman Longbow silver medallist Boleslaw Sawicki:

Gentleman Longbow Champion Shaun Brooksbank:

Gentleman Recurve bronze medallist Mick Greenwood:

Gentleman Recurve silver medallist Wayne Evardson:

Gentleman Recurve Champion Steve Berriff:

Handicap bronze medallist Mick Greenwood:

Handicap silver medallist Wayne Evardson:

Handicap Champion David Thornton:

Best gold to Mark Spitz Mick Greenwood:

The wooden spoon, the only trophy with a practical use, to Boleslaw Sawicki:

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