Club Championships 2008

Sunday the 21st of September 2008 started hot and sunny, but it soon clouded over and cooled. The result was near-perfect conditions for archery. 16 club members took the opportunity to put in good scores for the Club Championships.

The winners of the contested categories were:

Category Archer
Ladies Recurve Handicap Champion Emma Allard
Ladies Recurve Score Champion Mel Smith
Gents Recurve Handicap Champion Howie Knowles
Gents Recurve Score Champion Ian Reynolds
Gents Compound Handicap Champion Nick Crowther
Gents Compound Score Champion Nick Crowther

Congratulations to them!

Some photos from the day are exhibited below:

The neanderthal end of the line: George Robinson, Ian Reynolds and Nick Crowther

The house-trained end of the line

A rare sight - Dan Marshall with a bow in his hands

Karl Mallinson and David King

Scoring and collecting arrows

George Robinson

Jake Greenwood

Ian Reynolds

Treasurer Geoff Taylor and chairman Mike Watson

Emma Allard and Howard Knowles

Karl Davidson

The neanderthals in action

Emma Allard's six-gold end

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